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September 23, 2011 / Natalie G.


Lately I haven’t been around much. Obviously. I have been extremely busy though. I’ve moved from job to job and even took an adventure to visit my lovely sister in gorgeous St. Paul, Minnesota – more on that in another post.

Back in June I did the Production Design for a music video for Gabrielle Taryn – an awesome artist who lives in NY. It was a really awesome experience and one of the few things I can actually say I designed all on my own. Almost everyone on the crew went to Emerson and we were all able to come together and spend a weekend making an awesome video. Hopefully in the future I’ll do some posts about what I actually do for a living but here’s a look at something I’ve done in the past few months.


Also: The dining room and bedroom are my apartment – decorated for the shoot but that’s where I live. And the sets were constructed (under my direction) by the lovely gentlemen at All Sets.




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  1. collingately / Sep 23 2011 3:51 pm

    Great job! I thought I recognized that apartment!


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